Cascade Long-Term Hemo-Dialysis Catheter and Kits


Health Line’s CASCADETM tunneled dialysis catheter kits come in a variety of lengths and kit configurations. Intended for long-term implantation for dialysis and apheresis therapy, these 13.5Fr hemodialysis catheters and aphaeresis catheters allow high flow rates and decrease patient therapy time.

Product Specification

CASCADE™ Chronic Hemodialysis/Apheresis Catheter Kit Features

Medical Uses
The CASCADE™ catheter kits are intended for long-term implantation for dialysis and apheresis therapy.

Radiopaque silicone provides excellent visibility and biocompatibility.

Straight or Curved Construction
The CASCADE™ catheter comes in either straight or pre-curved variations.

Tip Design
The tunneled catheter’s staggered tip design allows for less than 5% recirculation.

Circle C Cross Section Design
The Circle C design optimizes blood flow and minimizes venous back pressure.

The CASCADE™ silicone catheter has a low-profile polyester cuff that allows for secure tunneled anchoring and rotating suture wings for secure external anchoring.

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